What began in a garage, grows to be so much more.

My name is Marvin Dawson, also known as budmarv2/budm, and I’m a programmer, graphic designer, tinkerer, and a maker; based in Indianapolis, IN. I always hated having to depend on another manufacturer for my designs and products, always unsure of the quality that my customers would get, and having to deal with higher prices and small margins, when I wanted to make my stuff high quality and affordable for folks that are into my designs. So in 2017, I began Indybudmarv2, its goal as a project to provide a way to manufacture products for the independent, or small groups, and myself at affordable prices.

The project spent the first year of its life primarily focused on manufacturing my designs as t-shirts, but as I began tinkering further with 3D prints on the side, and we developed a service for that, we exploded. Since mid 2018, the 3D printing has grown in popularity so much that, the tshirts were barely made anymore manufactured, and we focused very heavily on the printing. In 2019 we moved to strictly 3D printing, and we now utilize 4 printers almost 24/7. Handling the manufacturing for many individuals over email and through local sales sites.

In early 2020, we have moved to expand the service by adding vinyl decal design, stickers, and magnets as well!

We look forward to the future, and what it may bring as we continue to grow, and provide for our customers as well as yours!