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Design & Prototyping

Using 3D design software and modern fabrication tools, we help guide you from idea stage to a physical prototype. We can work through an idea no matter what stage you’re at. Contact us to learn more and start your project.


Unlike other services we do our own modeling for our products not just printing other peoples designs. Thats something that gives us an edge to being able to make your project real. Just give us a call to go over your project. During the 3D modeling process our designer will send you 3D renderings for review and approval before we move onto prototyping & fabrication.


We have access to many different types of filaments and printers along with colors and more. Allowing us to choice the right printer and material, which alone, is an important step to create the aesthetic and function you are looking for working with, while still being within your budget – we’re here to help.